G.P.O. Corner

Daily Skills & Challenges

Children will be given daily challenges to take part in along with practice sessions

  • These will include Fundamental Movement skills and Gaelic Football, Hurling and Camogie skills
  • Children will then take part in skills challenge above in Bishopstown GAA club on resumption of activities with lots of prizes for the various winners
  • There will also be FREESTYLE football / hurling challenges wherecan send in videos of their kids trying to impress with their own type of skills
  • This can be send on Twitter to @gaaBishopstown or @GPO_Blarn_Btown

Click on the appropriate age group to see the skills and list of challenges set so far.


I would like to just first introduce myself to you all. My name is Fachtna O’ Connor I have been appointed as the Games Promotion Officer (GPO) for Blarney and Bishopstown GA.A. Clubs. I am very excited to be working with the clubs and look forward to meeting all the members, coaches and players over the coming months. So far it has been a pleasure to work with both clubs and it is obvious that both clubs have great people in place at all levels from the coaches to board members. I have been really taken back by how forward thinking both clubs are and this is clearly evident by the creation of this GPO role the first time this has happened at club level in county Cork.

I began officially on the 23-09-19. I was then given a tour of the clubs facilities by Martin Lynch and Humphrey Hogan. We then went from there to go around to the local schools Gaelscoil Mhuscraí, Rathpeacon NS and Scoil Chroí Iosa junior building and senior building in Blarney. In Bishopstown I was shown around by John Crowley including the facilities and was introduced to St Josephs NS, Scoil Spioraid Naoimh and Gaelscoil Ui Riada in Bishopstown where I will be going to coach. It was great to meet all the teachers and pupils in these schools and they were very excited about having this resource not just for promoting G.A.A. in the school but to get children active.

The main focus for sessions in the schools is based on Fundamental movements. This is your running, jumping, agility, balance and co-ordination skills. It is well known that children are not as active as previous generations due to a sedentary lifestyle so a skill such as jumping on one leg to me or you may seem simple but to kids it may be very difficult. So I am putting a major emphasis in all my sessions on making sure that kids are using these movements through fun games and activities. All these sessions are very inclusive so it is not aimed at the strongest or sporty children but that everyone can take part and feel like they are contributing and the main thing HAVING FUN.

Finally I would like to especially thank Martin Lynch and Paul O’ Leary Blarney G.A.A. and John Crowley Bishopstown G.A.A. for making me feel very welcome in the clubs so far and have been very helpful to me. I look forward to working with everyone more in the future.

Thank you,