Cúl Maroon FAQ

What is the CÚL MAROON ethos?

The emphasis is on participation and enjoyment – learning through fun. Our approach is to build confidence through encouragement while making the games as enjoyable as possible, following approved GAA coaching methods.

The ethos of the primary section of our club is “having FUN, making new FRIENDS and learning new SKILLS”.

How is the training structured?

The 60 minute session includes 10 minutes of fun, warm-up games followed by 5 x 8 minute fun stations focusing on particular skills e.g. kicking, hand-passing, striking the sliotar, and fundamental movements such as running, skipping, jumping…..followed by a 10 minute game!

NOTE: Children are grouped by age and not by skill level.

If the weather is bad, how will I know if training is on?

Training will be in the club hall if the weather is bad.  On the rare occasion we don’t have access to the hall we usually move to one of the local secondary school halls for that week.  This will be communicated well in advance to parents by the Cúl Maroon co-ordinator.

What should my child wear to training?

For hurling children MUST wear a helmet – helmets are available to borrow when a child first starts playing hurling, after which they are expected to purchase their own helmet. (Available in the online club shop). Children can wear shorts or tracksuit; runners if in the hall – football boots or runners when training outdoors.

For football children can wear shorts or tracksuit; runners if in the hall, football boots or runners when training outdoors.

Do children in Cúl Maroon get to play matches against teams from other clubs?

From May onwards we organise fun challenge matches for our under 6 players against other clubs.  We play home and away matches and these are always a highlight of the year for our under 6 boys and girls.

Boys and girls play separate matches.

What months of the year do Cúl Maroon train?

Training commences at the start of September and runs until mid-July roughly, coinciding with the primary school year.

We usually break in early December and resume in January.

Training continues as usual on Bank Holiday weekends.

New players are welcome at any time during the training year.

What does the Club expect from parents of Cúl Maroon children?

For children in Cúl Maroon the club policy requires the parent/adult who is responsible for the child to remain at the pitch/hall at all times.

One adult can be responsible for more than one child at a time. Parents should bring a water bottle for their child to all sessions.

In cold weather hats, gloves, warm top etc. are recommended for children.

It is essential that we have all relevant information relating to every child who plays with Bishopstown GAA –

  • Parent/guardian contact details
  • Details of any relevant medical conditions that might impact on how a child is managed at training, in particular, response requirements in the case of a medical emergency.

What does it cost for my child to participate in Cúl Maroon?

There is no weekly charge for Cúl Maroon.

We do ask that children are registered with the Club and pay the annual membership fee that runs from January to December of each year.

Club membership can be paid online and a number of different options are available, including individual player/family membership etc.

By registering as a Bishopstown GAA member, you help to fund the purchase of equipment for the children, ensuring that we can provide facilities which enhance their enjoyment and improve their skill levels. In addition, your membership contributes to the running costs of the Club, including insurance costs.

Only those who have paid their membership fees can be regarded as club members and have club insurance coverage.

Who are the coaches involved with Cúl Maroon?

All coaches are parents of children playing at Bishopstown GAA Club. We actively encourage new parents to become involved in coaching.

All coaches at Cúl Maroon complete the compulsory courses in Child Protection and the Foundation Level One coaching course, as set down by the GAA, LGFA and Camogie associations. In addition all coaches are Garda Vetted.

Regular coaching workshops are held at the Club to ensure that all coaches continuously upskill in the areas of hurling, football and fundamental movement.

What size hurley should I get for my child in Cúl Maroon ?

Hurleys should be ground to hip height (not waist!)

For most Cúl Maroon players this should be 24’’ or 26 ‘’- available in the online Club shop.  Hurleys should be taped at the top where the child will hold the hurley, this is for ease on small hands.  Coaches can assist with this if needed.

NOTE: Metal bands should not be used on hurleys for children at Cúl Maroon.

Where do I buy Club gear and merchandise?

The club shop is online

How can I assist my child with the skills of football and hurling outside of training times?

Kicking a ball with your child, pucking a sliotar to them or hitting it against the wall with them, will all help your child develop their skills.  We recommend an App called “Bainisteoir” which can be downloaded for free, it goes through the basic skills for hurling, football and camogie.

Does Cúl Maroon organise camps and mini-leagues?

Yes we do! Cúl Maroon runs an Easter camp for children in Junior and senior infants.

There is an annual club Cúl Camp which runs for the first week of July.

Mini Leagues are run every year for all children ages 5 – 11.

Details of all camps and mini-leagues are communicated to parents well in advance.

How will I know about any changes to training or matches on a week to week basis?

All parents receive an email, typically on the Wednesday of each week for that week, outlining the plan for the training or matches of that week, club events etc.

Will my child appear in club photographs?

Photographs are taken at matches, fun events etc. and uploaded to the Cúl Maroon Facebook page and occasionally used for promotional purposes such as posters.

If you do not want your child to appear in any public images please inform the Cúl Maroon co-ordinator.

How do I know which age group my child belongs to in the GAA?

The year your child is born determines the year they will play at. Every January the child moves up an age group.  It is in your child’s best interest to play in the age appropriate group.

What is expected of me as a parent /guardian when I am in the Club?

We expect that the club premises and equipment will be respected at all times. Please note that football boots are not allowed to be worn in the club house.

"Can parents help/become involved?"

Parents are encouraged to become involved. Formal GAA coaching courses are offered throughout the year. If you are interested in coaching, please make yourself known to the Cúl Maroon co-ordinator.  We actively encourage parents to get involved with the coaching as it is great fun and the hour at training flies by!!

If you are not interested in coaching you can help in other ways. We need parents to help us gather up and store equipment, and to support administration tasks at the wider club level etc. The club is run entirely by volunteers and new support is always welcome.

"Can a coach hold on to medications such as inhalers/ epi pens for my child?

No, if your child uses any medication such as an inhaler or epi-pen you must be at all training sessions, matches or camps to administer this medication.  Coaches cannot administer any medication to a child.

"Are there any specific Health & Safety criteria I should be aware of?"

For our Cúl Maroon members there is a requirement for a parent, guardian or designated person to be in the GAA Club for the duration of their training session or match. The Club car park can get very busy especially on a Saturday morning or if we are hosting a blitz, so please be mindful of the children in the carpark.