Fundraising Avenues

Over the last number of months, the Fundraising Committee have been considering the best ways in which to raise the necessary funds to achieve our goal of delivering the facilities that our members deserve. We consider that there are 4 main avenues of fundraising available to us:

  • Members Bond Scheme
  • Donation Scheme
  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • Club Lotto

Click on the headings below to read more on these fundraising avenues.

1. Bond Scheme

What is a Bond?

A bond is a loan to Bishopstown GAA Club. This loan will be repaid to the bond holders over a 10 year period. There will be a legal agreement signed by Bishopstown GAA Club to ensure bond holders are guaranteed repayment of their bond. In effect, if you purchase a bond you are giving Bishopstown GAA Club an interest free loan.

How does this Work?

Bishopstown GAA Club will sell bonds as a way of raising the finance for this project. We need people (club members, parents of children who are playing members, members of the community etc) to buy these bonds. A bond has a cost of €5,000. The club guarantees to pay each bond holder €500 per annum over the following 10 years from the issue of the bond.

How Can you Buy a Bond?

Bonds are valued at €5,000 and can be paid by cash or cheque. If you are interested in assisting with this very valuable project which will have such a positive impact on our community as a whole then please contact us. We will have a team solely focused on selling bonds and they are contactable at

2. Donation Scheme
We are asking each family or friend involved in, or with an affinity to, the club to donate €750 towards the development project. Under Irish revenue rules, an approved sports body can claim tax relief on donations made in relation to a project approved by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport (DTTAS).
When someone paying tax under the PAYE system makes a donation, it is considered to be net of tax. So, if someone pays tax at 40%, the €750 would be considered to be 60% of the donation (similarly, if someone pays tax at 20% the €750 is considered as 80% of the donation). In both cases, the club can claim the tax on the donation directly from the Revenue Commissioners.

Personal Donation Donor Tax Rate Tax Benefit to Club Total Benefit to Club
750 40% +€500 €1,250
750 20% +€188 €938
750 40% +€500 €1,250
3. Corporate Sponsorship
We are offering local companies the opportunity to support the Bishopstown community and in turn reap the benefits of the large footfall our social media and club environs experience daily. Our corporate sponsorship package is available for a once-off payment of €5,000. Companies interested in supporting the project will receive the following benefits in return:

Corporate signage at club entrance and in the clubhouse
2 prominent pitch hoardings
2 years advertisement carried on our rebranded club website
1 year of monthly Facebook promotions on the club Facebook page
Free entry into our annual golf classic for one team for one year
Our corporate team will be calling on local businesses and asking for their assistance in delivering this project for our local community.

4. Club Lotto
For those members who do not wish to buy a bond or offer a donation, we would encourage them to subscribe to a Lotto Bundle which will be on offer next January when paying your club membership online. This online lotto will offer members a €200 bundle which will allow members to pick a set of numbers for the year and be automatically entered into our new online lotto. This offers members the chance to win a weekly cash prize whilst still supporting our project.
Members, if they don’t take up the bundle, also have the facility to play the lotto online weekly.