Club Development Plan Explained

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Please find attached our Fundraising Brochure linked to our upcoming development of a full-sized 4G Astroturf pitch and the extension and levelling of Pitch 3 at our site in Bishopstown. You will also receive a copy of the brochure in the post in the coming weeks. Within this brochure, you will read why this development is both necessary and timely. You will also see how this project fits within our overall plan over the next ten years.

In order to bring this proposal to reality next autumn, the brochure clearly outlines how the project will be funded.  Central to this is the support of our membership.  Fundraising streams include member’s bonds, donations, corporate sponsorship and a club lotto. It is hoped that one of these options may interest you and that all of our members will be in a position to support this very considerable undertaking. Payment links will be available on our new club website from December 2nd. Our social media platforms will be sending reminders seeking your support or one of our committee members may contact you directly.

The timing of this development is crucial since we believe that we are on the cusp of a very successful period for our club. Our numbers have risen sharply in the last five years, we have recently employed a fulltime schools coach whilst Bishopstown has also begun a period of regeneration. As the people who have gone before us have always managed to do, now is our turn to ensure that our adult players, our youth and the generations that follow, are provided with the very best infrastructure to support their development whilst playing with our club.

With this as our motivation, we are positive that by working together,  we can make this project a success. The images within the brochure make it very easy to visualise what we can become in terms of a community facility. Within 12 months we will have a facility that will compete with any on the island of Ireland. That is the level of ambition that we possess. Why should the people of Bishopstown have anything less?

We would like to place on record our sincere thanks to you in anticipation of your support and we also thank you for all you do for our club.


Club Development Committee